Suicide Prevention & Recognition


Countless people take their own lives every year. Unfortunately, many of these tragedies may be avoided with the proper support, counseling, and the ability for people surrounding the victim to be able to recognize some of the signs and symptoms. Many times people who have known a suicide victim look back at the person’s life and realize that signs existed, but no one acted. Sometimes the guilt associated with missing these signs can be devastating. Even under the best of circumstances the most well trained person could miss any of the indicators until it is too late, when our best efforts fail, and the individual still takes his/her own life.

TD Forensics goal is to help health care, emergency service professionals, and corporations better identify risk factors associated with depression and suicidal thoughts, increased risky behaviors, and persons in acute crisis. We also provide guidance on how to recognize a friend/family member/co-worker who is in need of assistance, how to approach the individual and get the individual help, how to address their short term and long term needs, and help them start a path towards long term recovery.