Seminars & Training



TD Forensics offers seminars and training events to provide a forum for learning. Medical, educational, mental health, human resources, law enforcement, and emergency services personnel will have the ability to learn cutting edge techniques. Individuals will increase their knowledge and learn better ways of communicating amongst their peers and within their agencies. The goal of TD Forensics is to have each individual more comfortable with communicating and recognizing people who are experiencing long- or short-term emotional distress.


TD Forensics goal is to provide a forum for learning and sharing experiences between health care, emergency response personnel, and corporate organizations to better understand how to best deal with individuals in crisis. Assessing for risk, liability, and recognizing the potential need for follow-up referrals and treatment are taught and discussed.


Participants leave TD Forensics seminars with a newfound sense of knowledge, responsibility, and confidence for themselves, their friends, their families, and their coworkers.


All seminars are available in half-day, full-day, and multi-day. We also provide specialized group seminars and consulting, face-to-face or via Skype, and upon request, we travel throughout the United States and Internationally.


Let TD Forensics help consult, train, or assist, you and your agencies.