Substance Use, Abuse, & Dependence in the Workplace

Alcohol and overuse/misuse of prescription medications are two of the oldest and most available intoxicants in the world. Unfortunately, many people become addicted to its effects and this addiction can spill from home into the workplace. The signs of abuse are sometimes subtle and depending on the employer’s environment, may be disregarded or ignored. The liability for ignoring an employee’s abuse can be staggering. If an employee loses his job, the cost of retraining a new employee and the inability to preserve the agencies affectiveness can result in a loss of productivity, money, and injuries: Each of which are quite quantifiable and expensive.

TD Forensics greatest concern in this topic area is to help the employer recognize the signs of substance use, help assist the individual in giving the person the ability to get help, improve the individuals’ work performance, and help all parties affected move to a more productive and positive future.