Cummulative Stress and Self-Care


TD Forensics uses consulting, training, and clinical services to help assist us in our own self-care and trauma treatment (when needed). Learning to monitor and manage our own stress on a day-to-day basis.


Many people working with / within the community witness and experience traumatic events on a daily manner: Health Care Professionals and First Responders.


It is helpful and necessary to be mindful and observant of our own history, experiences, and trauma and how it impacts our lives. As well as how witnessing / interacting with multiple traumas also play a role on our daily lives (Vicarious Traumatization).


It is more likely that these individuals experience multiple events, ongoing, for several years. It is not always about what the person has experienced: Good versus bad experience. But yet, it is more likely that the cumulative effect of multiple calls / response day-to-day over multiple years places an impact on our present functioning and symptoms: Sleep, agitation, anxiety, etc… Thus, having our “Tea-Pot of Live Events” eventually overflow.



* Let TD Forensics help your agency / yourself learn how to manage your “Tea-Pot”, reduce your stress, and become positively focused on your future.


"Dr. T's Tea-Pot"