Many agencies have hidden “problems or concerns” within their doors. Such problems range from anger management, domestic violence, mental health issues, substance use issues, problems relating to returning from deployment (theater), and difficulty with life changing events. All of which, big or small, impact employee’s home life and consequently their day to day work performance. These impacts can result in increased sick time, loss of work, and loss of productivity. Consulting though TD Forensics offers ways in which to strategize together in a multidisciplinary way and increase your agencies productivity and accountability, while helping to address the individuals’ underlying concern.

TD Forensics provide specialized group seminars, individual and group consultation, and agency recommendations. TD Forensics staff can help assist businesses, corporations, social service agencies, mental health care agencies, police departments, and many others: Prepare, prevent, recognize, strategize, and prioritize potential problems and risks within their employees and agencies.The goal is that with better recognition of potential problems there is greater potential for positive solution based practices and outcomes.

TD Forensics offer services via face-to-face, ZOOM, and phone consultation throughout the United States and Internationally. No questions are too small, no project too big. Let TD Forensics help your business, agency, or corporation limit its liability and reach its full potential while helping the agency and all its employees.