Trauma Focused Psychotherapy




* Trauma Focused Psychotherapy focusing on First Responders and Health Care Professions. 


Specializing in:

                  ~ Mental Health

                  ~ Substance Use

                  ~ Traumatic Brain                               Injury

                  ~ Complex Trauma

                  ~ Co-Occurring                                   Disorders


* Trauma Focused Therapy: Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR): 



                  ~ First Responders

                  ~ Health Care Professionals


Dr. Maiorano is a Certified EMDR Therapist, Consultant, and Facilitator. Making her a highly sought after EMDR Clinician from all over the United States. 



Appointment sessions are scheduled and conducted by the owner and founder of TD Forensics, Dr. Maiorano (see bio under “The Firm”). All sessions are conducted in a safe, quiet, and secure location, and all of the sessions are completely confidential.

Dr. Maiorano will personally meet with the individual and/or family, assesses his/her needs for treatment, and together help create a person-centered treatment plan for clinical services and support for that individual or family. 




Want to hear more about EMDR Treatment and how it can help First Responders and Healthcare Professionals?


Watch this 1-hour video interview with Dr. Maiorano and Norwich Police Department. Discussing trauma: Symptoms, treatments, and EMDR.