Military Personnel Returning from Deployment (Theater)

Military personnel are known for their ability to persevere through any adversity and accomplish their assigned mission. The fast pace of military deployment far away from family and familiar surroundings can be difficult to adapt to. Upon returning from deployment (theater), the soldier, sailor, airman, or marine may need time to decompress and adjust back to civilian life but may not be given the chance. Many service members make the transition without consequence. Others may need support, counseling, or assistance.

The returning individual may not even have been engaged in active combat to suffer many symptoms. Bad memories, the loss of military companionship, the diagnosis of a mental illness such a depression, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and overall troubles readjusting to living at home can be overwhelming and daunting to the individual This can, and most likely will lead to increased substance use, depression, aggression, and/or suicidal thoughts/attempts.

TD Forensics helps families, friends, and agencies recognize potential struggles that a personal returning from deployment may encounter, ways to help positively assist them without stigmatizing them, and ways to help offer them the short-term and long-term support they may need.

The importance of acknowledging the individuals’ unique experiences and helping them readjust back to civilian life is both highly important and necessary for themselves, their families and friends, and your agency.