Children, Adolescents, & Students Having Difficulty Adjusting to Life Events & Potential for Violence

Today’s student life is much different than years ago. With the increase in bullying, violence, and the potential absence of secure parental figures, children can become lost, depressed, act out violently, and even take their own lives – or lives of others with them. Making it through the “elementary and teenage years” can be a grueling task in itself for both the student and the families. TD Forensics helps give individuals skills to help recognize a potential problem, ways to address problems if they occur, and places to find clinical help and support.

Once getting through these young years, many times, the first experience a young adult has living outside of the home happens when they go to college. New stressors such as missing family, pressure to conform, keeping up with grades, involvement with sports, and new relationships are unfamiliar to many. Because of this, some individuals who never had problems before, begin have trouble adapting and some even begin to suffer from depression and substance abuse.

TD Forensics offers strategies in recognizing and addressing potential problems and conflicts within children, adolescents, and students. Trainings through TD Forensics help offer friends, families, and colleges new techniques in talking to and working with children, adolescents, and students. Including helping the families, teachers, and administrators assist with recognizing the need for short and long term treatment if needed.